How to Finance a Home with Informal Work?

We know that working informally and autonomously can be a way to earn extra money. As well as the reality of many Brazilians. But how does this informal worker prove income if he or she needs to finance a home?

Proof of income is a crucial factor in the process of financing a property of Caixa Econômica Federal , Banco do Brasil or other banks that operate with it. And it is very common for informal workers to use family income , since income from several people in the same household can be used.

That is, without registration in the portfolio, therefore, would be more difficult to prove what they receive. But there are ways to do that. Even working in an informal way.

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How to verify?

How to verify?

Self-employed worker does not necessarily have a paycheck for not being a registered worker. In this way, he ends up having the same difficulty of proving income as the informal worker.

However, it is still possible to finance a home with proof of My Home My Life in both cases. According to a program primer, it is possible for the informal worker to prove income.

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Among the documents, these documents are necessary:

  • Proof of Income Perception Statement (Decore)
  • Formal Customer Statement
  • INSS collection voucher
  • Contract of road transport of loads or persons
  • Declaration of amounts paid to the freight carrier or persons

Income Tax and bank statement

Income Tax and bank statement

There is also another way to prove income, through the Income Tax return . And also the bank statement. But in the case of the extract, only if the bank signaling that it is possible to use this modality.

Proof of income is important because it has substantial value in documenting the action of financing a home. This is because the value of the benefits can not exceed 30% of the proven value as family income.

In this way, proof of income is a limiter for the bank in releasing money. And also for the client, who will know the limit of his monthly payment responsibility.