3 Great Fintechs That Help in Financial Education


We explained this month that there is great optimism about the development of fintechs in Brazil. With the possibility of getting close and even surpassing Sweden, considered the main country of the sector. In addition to market optimism, there is still another regarding the improvement of financial education provided by fintechs .

So if you’re involved – or after that optimism, try to get in – the fintechs market, start studying. Companies have revolutionized not only in money management, but also in financial education.

And the revolution of this education came much from the demand for more practical and uncomplicated financial services . In this, companies have created innovative products that provoke institutions that insist on the old models .

By improving the systems of payment and investment in the Stock Exchange, the financial education of these fintechs has been improving more and more. And so, let’s talk about some.



Ranked as the largest startup in Latin America, NuBank has been a pioneer in the financial services segment since its inception in 2013. 100% digital and secure, the company strives to be fair and transparent in its conduct with the customer. In addition to direct and objective communication .

The bank has its own blog with financial tips not only about the company itself but also about the market itself.



Founded in 2014, GuiaBolso is an app that allows you to synchronize with your bank account , in order to analyze and classify your spending information . The application, besides being modern, manages to be a quality financial planner. Even by the control of finances that the application offers the user.


Toro Investments

Ranked among the 250 most promising Fintechs in Brazil by CB Insights , the company is marked as the first fintech in Brazil to open a brokerage house totally independent of the banks . Besides being a great choice for those who do not have so much investment knowledge. This is because fintech offers practicality and simplicity when it comes to finding the best actions .